Yes, you can rent even with bad credit, a broken lease and criminal history

Need an apartment, town home, condo or even a house but your credit, rental or background history is too problematic? We can help. It's no longer a secret that almost everyone leasing property is now checking for credit, rental and background history. While it is perfectly understandable that landlords and property management companies are trying to protect themselves from bad tenants, good people are also caught up in the mix and can sometimes find themselves adversely affected by a small mistake they made in their past. In fact, a lot of people with bad credit are not necessarily bad financial stewards. Many saw their credit tank due to a job layoff, or a divorce or for medical reasons. These are otherwise honest and productive citizens who only want what's best for their families.

You can rent with bad credit

There is a general misconception that if you have terrible credit, or a problematic rental history such as a broken lease, eviction or the like, you are more or less doomed when it comes to renting the best properties in town. Nothing can be further from the truth. Anyone can rent the best property in town regardless of credit. If you have a verifiable income and can pay the security deposit, rent, incidentals, and can pass a background check, we can help.

What if I have a criminal history?

One of the most formidable obstacles to renting an apartment is having a criminal history. This can be certain misdemeanors or a felony. Many apartment front desk assistants are trained to automatically turn away any applicant whose background check comes back with a felony. For many felony applicants who have already paid their debt to society, this can be a tough ordeal. While we cannot assist everyone who has a felony, we are able to offer expert consulting on how to overcome this barrier.

Luxury Living is Still Possible Even With Poor Credit Scores!

There is a general misconception that if you have poor credit, then you cannot get quality housing. Nothing can be further from the truth. Luxurious living is still within grasp even with low credit scores. Our experts can explore different options on how to navigate through the apartment, town house, condo or house rental process even with the worst credit.
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