Demand Rising for Bad Credit Apartments in Sacramento CA

. What has that got to do with apartment rental? These same people will most likely be looking for apartments, condos, town homes and houses for rent but because of their credit status, will most likely be denied approval resulting in even more distress on their part. The solution for these folks has been to look for no credit check apartments in Sacramento CA. There is also a demand for no credit check apartments in Sacramento CA that do not conduct background checks. But do these apartments really exist? We conducted some research to find out.

Bad Credit Apartments in Sacramento CA

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Our first port of call was the Internet off course when tracking no credit check apartments in Sacramento. We wanted to see whether there are any apartments in Sacramento or Arden or Arcade or Roseville CA which will not conduct credit checks or background checks. As you are well aware, many apartments in the area conduct credit, rental history and background checks. Credit checks are conducted for the same reason as a bank or a car dealership would conduct one, for the purposes of determining credit worthiness. Rental history is pulled to determine whether the applicant has a good reputation as a renter and also whether he or she has any broken leases with previous apartments. Background checks are pretty obvious with the focus being on felonies especially those touching on domestic violence, sex and drugs. Most apartments that have are owned by large corporations conduct these checks on applicants but our quest is for apartments that don’t. This sometimes can be challenging when locating no credit check apartments in Sacramento because these types of units are not accustomed to advertizing.

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The apartments that will absolutely not conduct a credit are few much less no credit check apartments in Sacramento. But there are those that will overlook a credit rating or a broken lease or a criminal record but it depends. For credit issues, it depends on just how bad your credit really is. With broken leases, it again depends on how long ago the incident occurred, what the reason for breaking the lease was and how close to the end of the lease it was. When it comes to background checks, apartments usually look for felonies but if your felony did not involve a very serious crime and is a long time ago, the apartment may make an exception although there is no guarantee that they will.

List of bad credit apartments in Sacramento CA

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To be quite honest, if you want an apartment that does not conduct credit or background checks, you want to target those that are individually owned. These apartments can be located either on Craigslist, or the classifieds of your local paper. Sacramento CA has a large classified section and this is an excellent place to find no credit check apartments.

The hike in foreclosures can also work in your favor. This also applies in Sacramento CA. Home owners who have been laid off or who are unable to keep up with their house payments are all too glad to rent to you and avoid a foreclosure or bankruptcy. These landlords will most likely not conduct a credit check or a background check.


Photo by aboutmytripdotcom

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