List of Privately-Owned No Credit Check Apartments in Fort Worth TX

Are you in the Fort Worth TX area and want to rent an apartment, but have been denied because of bad credit or a terrible rental history such as a broken lease? You’re in good company. Numerous applicants whose credit is damaged have to contend with new procedures that see apartment leasing get a little more complicated for credit-challenged applicants. Applicants with criminal records (felonies) are also targeted for denial….

May 9, 2012

Dallas Bad Credit, No Credit, or Broken Lease Apartments

Bad credit apartments listing Broken lease apartments No credit check apartments It is now a routine procedure that most apartments in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area conduct credit checks and criminal background checks before leasing an apartment. This practice was institutionalized mainly by the Patriot Act which was enacted after September 11, 2001. It has also been sanctioned by the different housing laws that have been tweaked further since this fateful day….

March 3, 2011