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Some have questioned whether it’s really possible to find and rent an apartment without having to go through credit checks or a background check. As most of us are well aware by now, most apartment rental applications have to pass through a credit check and a background check. The credit check usually checks the credit rating and items such as bankruptcies and foreclosures while a rental history check inquires regarding broken leases and other fees owed to previous apartments. Apartments also check background in search of felonies and certain misdemeanors. All these issues can result in an application being denied much to the distress of an applicant. In Bakersfield CA, this is no different. Apartments routinely check their applicants’ credit ratings, background and rental history. Because of the recent spate of foreclosures in Bakersfield CA, families have sort to rent apartments that do not conduct credit checks and have been frustrated. Our team went on a search of area apartments, condos and town homes to see whether it was really possible to get an apartment that does not conduct credit or background checks. Let find Bakersfield CA no credit check apartments.

Our sources made an attempt to find a list of Bakersfield CA no credit check apartments and the first place they searched was the Internet. A search for “Bakersfield no credit check apartments” yielded a few sites that can be good sources when compiling your list of apartments for rent in the Bakersfield area. A site called rentingtime.com offered a few listings and so did padmapper.com which specializes in offering Google map locations of possible rental units that do not check credit.

Another strategy that we recommend to clients for getting Bakersfield CA no credit check apartments lease that do not check background is to consider units that are individually owned. Due to the high number of foreclosures in Bakersfield CA, a lot of home owners and apartment owners are looking for individuals to lease their property. They would rather do that to avoid going through foreclosure or a bankruptcy. Because of their distressful position many of these landlords will lease to you without bothering with a credit check or a background check as long as you can prove consistent and adequate income.

To cut the chase, another strategy you can use is consult with apartment locators in Bakersfield CA. Many of these offer their services free of charge as their commission is calculated once you are approved for a lease.


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