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Orlando bad credit, no credit check, broken lease apartmentsOrlando has been ranked the 4th most popular city in the United States in terms of travel. This city of almost a quarter million people is not only popular ecause it boasts the famous Disney World Theme Parkand world resort, but it has a coastal location boasting miles of scenic beaches and a likeable tropical climate. Orlando is also a business and technology hub with hundreds of majpr companies and educational institutions. This makes the city a magnet for many travelers, revellers, students and businessmen and women. One can also say that this attraction to the city places a definite and year-long demand on the area’s apartment rental units.

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Orlando apartments are some of the best in the south coast of Florida. While rental requirements are more or less the same as those in the rest of the country, these apartments do conduct routine credit checks, rental history checks, criminal background checks and also checks for bankruptcies and other judgements.

Orlando apartments also conduct checks to determine whether the prospective tenant has a broken lease with other apartments. This has been a source of disappointment for many would-be tenants because most apartments in Orlando will automatically deny an applicant with a prior broken lease. So how can one rent an apartment in Orlando with a broken lease, bad credit, bankruptcy or felony?


Downtown Ballard North Northeast
Greater Duwamish Magnolia Delridge Lake Union
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This can be difficult but it is possible. One of the ways to go about tackling this issue is to gather a list of apartments that will rent despite of a broken lease. This essentially means that the apartment is willing to look the other way and process an approval anyway. While these types of apartments are not that many in Orlando, they do exist and the challenge becomes to find where they are. This in itself can be another challenge because these apartments do not readily advertise.

The other way to overcome this huddle is simply to find information on how to rent an apartment in Orlando with a broken lease. This involves information on how to present your case to the leasing office and the proper documentation needed to augment this case.

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