Renting With Bad Credit, Broken Lease or Felony/Misdemeanor In Arlington VA

Are you looking to rent an apartment in Arlington VA but your credit is  in the way? Or maybe you have a broken lease with a previous apartment that is still in the records? Or it may be a past felony or misdemeanor. All these are issues that an apartment leasing office in Arlington may use as grounds to deny you approval. This can be very frustrating especially if you…

April 11, 2011

Washington DC Bad Credit, no credit check and broken Lease Apartment List

The US capital is known for stringent rules when it comes to housing. This includes apartments. New tenants can expect rigorous credit checks, criminal background cross-checks, rental history review and even perusal of court records in search of bankruptcies and judgements. Individuals with broken leases, bad credit, bankruptcies and felonies/misdemeanors may face denial of approval. Here are some areas in DC where one can expect  a better chance of getting…

March 3, 2011