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bad credit apartments " src="http://badcreditapartments.net/apartmentguide/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/corpus-300x200.jpg" alt="Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments " width="300" height="200" />Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments. Have you been having a hard time renting Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments due to bad credit, a broken lease, a felony or simply because you have no proof of income (no job)? If this is you, then you’re not alone. Recent changes in rental property laws in Texas have made it harder to be approved if your credit is damaged or if you have a poor rental history. This has undoubtedly caused a level of frustration since many applicants with bad credit are now forced to look for apartments within the Corpus Christi area that either do not conduct routine credit checks or those that when they do, are very lenient and understanding. These apartments, usually known as second chance apartments, are not easy to find since they prefer not to advertise so it takes some due diligence in research to locate Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments. Let us see how we can go about doing that.

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Beginning your search for Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments

Before you even begin to hit the road looking for apartments that approve bad credit applicants, you want to determine exactly what you want in an apartment. This means getting to determine the size of the apartment (how many square feet, bedrooms, baths etc), the location (near shopping areas, bus routes etc) and in good school districts. Also, do you want a fully furnished apartment, all utilities paid (including free cable, washer and dryer outlets etc)? Make a list of your wants not to mention the average budget you’re working with and then conduct your research.

Researching Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments

Next comes the research phase for the Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments. We have mentioned earlier that second chance apartments in Corpus Christi can tough to locate since they rarely advertise (they want to keep their rates high). In looking for these apartments, you want to leave all your options open including your eyes and ears and do not be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. Try checking the Internet first to see whether there are any units out there that state they will work with problematic applicants. Then contact local apartment locators in Corpus who specialize in bad credit apartments or apartments, condos and town homes which do not routinely conduct credit checks. They may be in a position to provide very helpful data. You can also check with local publications especially those that deal with real estate and rental property.

Preparing for Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments

Finally, once you locate Corpus Christi list of bad credit apartments whose management wants to talk with you and are aware that you may have credit problems, you want to prepare your paperwork. This means getting your proof of income and proof of employment (usually pay stubs). If you have a felony that is recent, you may need to prepare an explanation, sometimes in writing.

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