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Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartmentsRaleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments. Renting an apartment in Raleigh NC with bad credit, no proof of income (no job), a broken lease or a felony can be difficult. This is after recent changes to apartment and rental property laws governing tenant screening. Being denied housing because of credit or rental history can be frustrating especially if you need to find a place fast. Applicants in this predicament usually have to search a long time, to find a Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments that approve bad credit applicants or those units, condos or townhomes that do not conduct routine credit checks. These types of apartments, usually known as second chances apartments are not easy to locate because they prefer not to advertise the fact that they rent to credit-challenged applicants. Let us see ways you can overcome this huddle.

Raleigh NC list of bad credit apartments with no credit checks

Before you even go out and begin looking for Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments, make a list of everything you want. This includes the square footage, whether the apartment will have a den, a patio, sliding doors, how many bedrooms and bathrooms; do you want an all-utilities paid apartment in Raleigh? What about a fireplace or free cable or washer and dryer? Then determine which area of the city. Is it Carpenter, Chapel Hill, Morrisville or downtown Raleigh area? Do you have transportation or will you rely on CAT (Capital Area Transit)? These are helpful pointers when considering Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments.

Research for a Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments

Then comes the research phase. Here you want to be most effective. Begin by simply running a simple search on the Internet for “Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments”. Something should pop-up and this can help save time and money. Call them, explain your situation and see whether they can set you up with an interview.  Research can also be done by contacting an area apartment locator. Raleigh has numerous and most offer their services for free in exchange for a referral (this is how they earn their profits). Coupled with these methods you can also check with local classified ad magazines and publications especially those that deal with rental property. These are available at local newstands and bookstores throughout Raleigh.

Preparing for a Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments

Once you have secured an interview date, its time to prepare your paperwork. The leasing manager in Raleigh-Durham NC list of bad credit apartments will want to know about your current employment and whether you can afford the security deposit and ren. Because of your bad credit, you must prepare to pay a slightly higher security deposit than everyone else and in some cases a three month rent in advance depennding on the complex and the seriousness of your credit and rental problems.

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