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List of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV. It is no longer a secret that apartments are routinely browsing applicants’ credit and rental history. Reno-Parks NV area apartments, condos, townhomes and rental houses are no exception. This has become  a source of acute frustration especially because of the high rate of foreclosures and bankruptcies filed in this area. Families and individuals who have lost their homes and their savings due to unemployment are turning to area apartments only to be turned down because of their credit ratings. Distressed applicants are becoming desperate and one solution has become trying to locate a list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV or apartments in Reno-Sparks NV which do not conduct background checks. Because of the obvious fact that these types of units rarely advertize, this adds to the degree of frustration experienced by seekers. If this is you, don’t throw your hands in the air in despair just yet. Our team uncovered some valuable information regarding how to get a list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV.

list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV

list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV

Our first point of search was off course the Internet and we started by using all three of the major search engines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. We first came up with Sierra Cedars apartments located on 2165 Kietzke Ln Reno NV 89502. We wondered whether we had hit a goldmine with such an obvious and simple search. Their number is listed as 877-511-8718. These apartments offer an impressive array of  amenities and conveniences and are willing to work with applicants who have credit issues on a case by case basis. They are both affordable and accessible by freeway.

Padmapper is another site that can help in the search for a list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV. They came up with interesting units that offer zero security deposits and impressive conveniences. We advise that you call ahead of time because some of the units featured in Padmapper do conduct credit and background checks on all applicants and can deny you if you have a felony, a broken lease or even a foreclosure.

Then there are apartment locators. There are plenty of these in Reno-Sparks NV. While they can be an excellent resource for helping you with a list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV, you need to narrow down to those that specialize in no background check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV. The one advantage with locators is that most of them do not charge for their services and instead rely on the commission earned when your lease is approved.

We advice anyone with very bad credit, damaged rental history or criminal record such as a felony and wants to rent an apartment in Reno-Sparks to concentrate on apartments, condos, townhomes and homes that are not owned by corporations but rather by individuals. Due to the real estate crisis and the economic downturn, many apartment owners and home owners are distressed and can rent to you to avoid going into foreclosure. Many of these landlord will not be bothered with conducting a credit check or background check if you can prove income. This is the best way to land a credible list of no credit check apartments in Reno-Sparks NV.


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