Seeking a list of Columbus OH bad credit apartments

google_ad_client = “ca-pub-9274564409027666″; google_ad_slot = “8250602308”; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250; Columbus OH bad credit apartments. Are you looking to rent a great and affordable apartment in an excellent neighborhood in Columbus OH or nearby Fort Wayne IN but have been denied because of credit issues? These sad reports are getting more common by the day due to the routine procedure by many area apartment complexes to run credit …

June 16, 2011

Bad Credit, No Credit Check, or Broken Lease Apartments Columbus OH

If your credit is tarnished, or you have a broken lease on your rental history, it is important that you know ways of finding apartments that will be willing to rent to you. This is because many leasing offices in Columbus Ohio today will check credit and rental history before approving you for an apartment. Finding a decent apartment therefore, can be a frustrating ordeal for those whose credit has suffered setbacks either due to bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure or delinquencies. Rental …

April 11, 2011