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List of Montgomery AL bad credit apartments. Are you struggling with getting approved for an apartment in Montgomery AL, due to bad credit, a broken lease, felony, misdemeanor or no proof of income (no job)? You’re not alone. Hundreds of individuals and families in the Montgomery area are experiencing a degree of frustration owing to recent changes in property rental laws. These laws have caused most apartments to conduct routine credit and rental history checks on all potential applicants. This has caused many applicants to look for second chance housing, apartment homes, condos and townhomes. These are the types of apartments that either do not conduct credit checks or those that are very lenient.

List of Montgomery AL bad credit apartments

Before setting out to look for a second chance apartment, townhome or condo in Montgomery, you want to make sure you are well prepared. Determine beforehand important factors such as size (square footage), location, budget and school district if you have children. Also, do you want an apartment with all-utilities paid such as free cable or washer/dryer? These are all important aspects that you need to nail down before embarking on your research.

Then comes the research phase. This is easily the most important part of your journey. The first place to begin is the Internet. While second chance apartments are reluctant to advertize, there are some that do and these can sometimes be accessed from the Internet, saving you valuable time and money. Then you might want to consult with apartment locators. Sometimes, there are bad credit apartment specialists in Montgomery who specialise in finding apartment housing for customers with credit, rental history and background check issues. You may also want to check places like rental magazines and publications which can be found in newstands and bookstores.

Finally, once you are pretty sure that you stand a good chance of geing approved by a partucular unit, its time to prepare your paperwork. This means filing an application and paying the application fee. Also be prepared to furnish proof of income (and proof of employment in some cases). It is also prudent to be prepared with a slightly higher security deposit.

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