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Akron OH list of bad credit apartments. In Akron OH, it can be difficult being approved for an apartment, condo, or townhouse if your credit is damaged. This predicament has been affecting scores of families and individuals. This includes those that have no job (no proof of income), a felony or misdemeanor, or even a broken lease or bankruptcy. Recent housing and apartment rental laws have made it almost routine for area apartment leasing offices to conduct credit, rental and background checks on most applicants. This leaves would-be tenants with no option but to look for either Section 8 housing, or second chance apartments in Akron, an exercise that can lead to frustration.

Akron OH list of bad credit apartments, no credit check apartments!


Before you begin your second chance apartment search, you want to prepare a list of what you want. This includes such vitals as the size of the apartment, bedrooms, yard, patio, location etc. You also want to determine your budget and also whether it is an all-utilities paid apartment or one that has a washer and dryer connection. Once you secured this part, then its time for the most important step, the research.

Researching for Akron OH list of bad credit apartments

Because Akron OH list of bad credit apartments rarely advertize, it can be a challenge locating them. This does not mean that they do not exist, or that they will always be located in seedy sections of Akron. One step to start off with is the Internet. This can save you time and money and allow you to discreetly call the managers of the units that show up. You may also consult with an area apartment locator. There are some that label themselves as bad credit apartment specialists in Akron and they can offer valuable leads as to which apartments can consider you despite your credit or rental history. Apartment guides and publications can also offer some leads.


Once you land a Akron OH list of bad credit apartments and have a location that seems to be interested in accepting you as a tenant, then its time to prepare your paperwork. This means an application, the application fee and the security deposit. You may also be asked to furnish proof of employment and since your credit is damaged, the security deposit may be higher than usual.

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