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Bad credit apartments in Norfolk VABad credit apartments in Norfolk VA have become a highly sought-after commodity in a shrinking market especially with recent tenant regulations which demand stricter applicant screening. Many families and individuals in Norfolk, especially those that emerged from the ashes of the recent financial meltdown, have found themselves being denied decent housing, especially apartment homes, condos, rental homes and town homes simply because their credit does not measure up. Are you in this situation? Our research team went deep to try and uncover potential sources of Bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA and to see what it took to rent with tarnished credit.

Performing your due diligence before looking for bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA

Renting in Norfolk VA with less-than-perfect credit is getting harder not to mention getting  a list of bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA. The first thing most people do who are in this situation is to rush through the process and try to apply at the nearest or most conveniently-located apartment complex only to find that they are denied. This can be frustrating. The first thing our researchers found out when searching for bad credit apartments in Norfolk VAwas that one should first get a copy of their credit report. This is free every year in most US states. Once you have a copy of your credit report, you can then go through it to see whether it is accurate. If it is not, then you can begin the dispute process which incidentally can also raise your credit score. You can also arm yourself with letters stating that your credit score is in dispute.

Then prepare a list of what they want in an apartment, kind of like an old-fashioned list detailing such important stuff as location, square feet, amenities etc. This is important if you are to succeed in locating bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA. They should then determine what budget they are working with before even attempting to make an application. Some apartments will refund your application fee immediately you’re denied and others will ask you to wait 30 days as they mail it. This can be terribly frustrating especially if you’re short on funds.

Using proper research tools to unearth bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA

There is a shortage of apartments in Norfolk VA that do not conduct credit checks. There is also a shortage of no background check apartments in Norfolk VA. The number of people with damaged credit, especially due to the recent foreclosure epidemic, has risen sharply. There are conventional apartments in Norfolk which will not rent to people with less than perfect credit while there are others that are somewhat lenient. To find bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA and those that are somewhat lenient can be a challenge especially if you don’t know where to start. You can utilize the Internet to avoid driving around and wasting time and money. There are some out there, especially those that are privately-owned, that will rent to people with very bad credit. Privately-owned apartments in Norfolk VA also can be a great way to rent an apartment without submitting to invasive background checks.

Preparing documentation after finding bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA

The major mistake many potential apartment applicants with bad credit make is to assume that once they have located bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA, their problems are over. Many receive a rude shock when they are informed that the apartments do take people with bad credit, but that they must come up with a three month security deposit, or be on a job for more than 6 months. Once you have located Bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA, you want to make sure your documentation is in order. Get your paycheck stubs ready and also be prepared to pay a security deposit which in some instances may be hefty.

List of Bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA

Hague Towers Apartments
330 W Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510 » Map (757) 622-3351

AAA Apollo Arms Apartments
3044 Sewells Point Rd, Norfolk, VA 23513 » Map (866) 297-2781

Riverside Terrace Apartments
7211 Newport Ave, Norfolk, VA 23505 » Map (757) 489-1501

Arbor Pointe Apartments
502 Grantham Rd # B, Norfolk, VA 23505 » Map (757) 423-0811

Pembroke Tower Apartments
601 Pembroke Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507 » Map (757) 625-5855

Madison Loft And Terrace
345 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510 » Map (757) 533-5119

 Apartment Book
150 W Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510 » Map(757) 222-3900
Young Terrace Community Ctr
804 Whitaker Ln, Norfolk, VA 23510 » Map(757) 441-2692
Belmont At Fremason Apartments
260 W York St, Norfolk, VA 23510 » Map(757) 962-9700
Lexington Park Apartments
1225 Tidewater Dr, Norfolk, VA 23504 » Map(757) 625-3108

Huntersquare Apartments
825 Goff St, Norfolk, VA 23504 » Map(757) 624-8619

 Pelham Place Apartments
521 Boissevain Ave # 16A, Norfolk, VA 23507 » Map(757) 622-8054
Alexander At Ghent
1600 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510 » Map(757) 962-8058

The above is not an exhaustive list of bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA and approval is strictly subject to management decision. Not all the apartments above will work with you if you have tarnished credit and some will. They are owned by different companies and as such their approval regulations may vary dramatically. There are no guarantees that even if you meet all the requirements that we have listed above, you will be approved for Bad credit apartments in Norfolk VA.


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