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No credit check apartments in Fresno CA. Renting an apartment in Fresno CA can be challenging if your credit is damaged. This has been the predicament of hundreds of individuals and families throughout the city ever since area apartments began routinely checking applicants’ credit, rental and background history. While it is common knowledge that apartments in Fresno CA have been checking credit for years, it is not until recently that this practice has been extended and been made a blanket policy.

Fresno CA has also been hit hard by foreclosures and the percentages are way over the national average. This means homeowners who have recently lost their homes will be desperately trying to look for no credit check apartments in Fresno CA or a place to stay and there is a demand for apartments, condos, townhomes and homes which will not do background credit. While foreclosures and bankruptcies do not hit one’s credit report until after a few months, they are nevertheless one of the most damaging when it comes to your credit rating. Rental history refers to broken leases and also fees owed to previous apartments. Applicants with criminal records can also be automatically denied.

No credit check apartments in Fresno CA can be difficult to find but this does not mean they do not exist. If you are looking for an apartment that will not check credit or background in Fresno CA, you must begin with the usual apartments. While many of them do check applicants’ credit and rental history, they will overlook certain issues in an applicant’s credit but this is on a case by case basis. When it comes to credit and FICO scores, an apartment will usually bypass less serious items if these items are old. Some leasing managers will also be sympathetic to applicants whose credit was damaged by medical issues, divorce or a death in the family. Broken leases can be overlooked if they occurred a long time ago and if the time remaining on the lease was small. Fees owed can be overlooked if they are small (less than $1000). Background checks can be a little challenging but there are apartments which will still approve if the crime was committed more than 5 years ago and does not involve violence to minors. There is an excellent eBook out there that can help you if you have a criminal record and need to rent an apartment. You can see it here.

No credit check apartments in Fresno CA are actually easier to find if you deal exclusively with distressed homeowners. The foreclosure epidemic can actually work in your favor. Many homeowners who are having difficulties paying for their homes are more than willing to sublet their homes, condos or townhomes rather than go into foreclosure which can be very damaging to their credit.


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