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Are you in the Fort Worth TX area and want to rent an apartment, but have been denied because of bad credit or a terrible rental history such as a broken lease? You’re in good company. Numerous applicants whose credit is damaged have to contend with new procedures that see apartment leasing get a little more complicated for credit-challenged applicants. Applicants with criminal records (felonies) are also targeted for denial. This of course can cause some frustration given that there are many good people out there who made certain mistakes years ago and find it grossly unfair that they are being penalized for it now. There are various options these types of applicants can pursue a list of No Credit Check Apartments in Fort Worth TX.

The first step is to get a copy of their credit report. This sounds obvious enough but you’d not believe how many applicants apply for apartments and have no idea why they are being denied. Most states now offer free credit reports per year and it is easy to take advantage of this. A copy of your credit report also allows you to know how to strategize credit repair.

Another step would be to simply approach a conventional apartment office in Fort Worth and see whether you can be approved. Different apartments use different criteria to approve applicants and you may find that a particular housing unit has lenient management. For credit checks, some apartments will approve regardless if the applicant shows steps in repairing their credit or there is a dispute in place. Again, you cannot know what to dispute or how, if you do not have a copy of your credit report.

For applicants with criminal records, you want to consider expungement. This is where your record is sealed from public access and you can deny that you have ever been arrested, detained or convicted. To learn more about expungement, you can contact your District Attorney or click here.

By far the best way to rent an apartment that does not check credit or do background on potential tenants is to approach private landlords. These are essentially apartments in Fort Worth TX that are privately-owned. Some people feel that these are too few to find and they may be right but you can start by running a search online. Privately-owned apartments in Fort Worth TX traditionally do not do routine credit, rental or background checks and offer the best chance of being approved for an apartment, a condo, or a rental home with terrible credit or even a felony.

List of no credit check apartments in Fort Worth TX

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