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If you have bad credit, no job (no proof of income), a broken lease, bankruptcy or even a felony or misdemeanor, it can become a real challenge finding a rental apartment in Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota. Depending on the particular occupancy rates in a give area in the city, some apartments may be willing to work with you and agree to approve you despite your credit rating. These apartments are becoming rare and finding them is the answer to some people rental issues. This article will offer some tips on how to locate what has become known as second chance apartments in St Paul MN.

List of no credit check apartments in Minneapolis/St Paul MN

Before you can embark on looking for a list of apartments in St Paul that will approve applicants who have bad credit, a prior broken lease, or a bankruptcy, you have to first identify what you want in an apartment. This is a list of needs such as location, amenities, routes, shopping areas , schools etc. Sometimes because of credit issues, you may not always get everything you want so you must be willing to determine what you are willing to live without.

The research phase comes next. Since bad credit apartments in St Paul hardly advertise, you have to do the legwork. This has been made easier with modern media such as the Internet. St Paul also has numerous newspapers and magazines devoted to information on rental property and these can be an excellent source of good information on second chance apartments. Apartment locators can also help you in narrowing down on places where apartments might be willing to approve you.

Finally, once you have zeroed in on what you want, and have at least identified an apartment whose management is willing to work with you, its time to prepare the paperwork that you’ll need to present. Most apartments will require you to provide evidence that you have been employed for the last 6 months and also that you earn enough to fulfill your rent contractual obligations, usually 3 times the amount of rent. Bear in mind also that you may be asked to meet a criminal check requirement.

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