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Finding a rental apartment that will approve you in Chesapeake Bay with bad credit, a previous broken lease or even a felony is not always easy. Your success may also depend on the overall occupancy rates in a particular area since some apartments will become more lenient if they experiencing low occupancy. Since many apartments here conduct credit checks, your best bet is to look for apartments that are either very lenient or those that do not conduct credit checks. Let us discuss tips of locating them.
Figure Out You Need In an Apartment
The first step of any apartment search should begin with the potential renter carefully identifying all of their needs in an apartment. This is not easy since many of them do not advertize that they take applicants with tarnished credit and there are few websites out there dedicated to providing this information. When making this list of needs the renter should consider the options they cannot live without as well as the options they want to have but can live without. It is important to make this distinction because the renter will want to ensure the apartment they choose has all of the features they need and ideally a few features they want. However, an apartment which does not have all the required features may become an uncomfortable living situation very quickly.
Conduct thorough Research
Once a renter has a good idea of the basic features he is looking for in an apartment, he should begin researching his options. Researching apartments can be done on the Internet, through the newspaper or through rental magazines. Renters may use one of these research methods exclusively or may combine a few of the methods to form a customized strategy for researching apartments. The research phase will give the renter an idea of the types of properties available for rent in the area.
Prepare your paperwork
The next step is the process of comparison shopping. This basically entails visiting several different rental properties and touring these facilities. During the tour the renter will get a good idea of available options as well as the costs associated with these options. This is helpful for two very important reasons. Renters who have proof of other apartment complexes offering more favorable rental terms, may be able to entice another complex to lower their prices slightly.

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Chesapeake Bay is minutes from Williamsburg-Newport News International Airport, Patrick Henry Mall, Oyster Point Industrial Park, shops, restaurants, theatres, and just a short drive to Virginia Beach and Colonial Williamsburg.

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