List of No Credit Check Apartments in San Francisco CA-MOVE IN!

List of No Credit Check Apartments in San Francisco. Need to find an apartment quickly in San Francisco and the Bay Area? You better have excellent credit otherwise the chances of being denied approval are high. Recent changes in real estate and landlord/tenant laws in California have led to many apartment complexes to run applicants’ credit, rental history and background check. This has come with its share of frustration especially because…

April 27, 2012

Oakland CA bad credit, broken lease or no credit check apartments

Are you looking to rent an apartment in Oakland CA but your credit or rental is damaged?  This has become an issue for quite a large number of people. Rental issues such as having a broken lease is another disadvantage that is usually frowned upon by leasing office managers. Sometimes depending on the occupancy rates in a particular area in Oakland, some apartments are lenient and may be willing to…

April 29, 2011