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Searching for a list of no credit check apartments in Jacksonville FL? 

Such apartments, condos, townhomes and homes have become a hot commodity especially with recent real estate laws in the State of Florida. Numerous apartments in the city of JACKSONVILLE have resorted to checking each individual applicant’s credit and rental history not to mention criminal history. That means bad credit customers and others who have broken leases, charge offs, unpaid fees with other apartments may be easily denied approval. Others who may also face denial include applicants with bankruptcies, foreclosures and felonies. In order to avoid the issue of apartment credit and background checks, these applicants usually gravitate towards no credit check apartments in Jacksonville FL. But do such apartments exist?

We conducted an independent research to determine whether we could indeed locate these types of rental units or even homes for rent. We found out that while they are scarce, they do actually exist. It is also very possible to rent an apartment in Jacksonville even with bad credit a broken lease, a bankruptcy, foreclosure and even criminal record.

We learnt that you can actually approach a regular apartment complex even with problematic credit and succeed in getting an approval. One of the ways is to first and foremost gaining access to your credit report. Most states offer a free credit report to their residents per year. Once you have your credit report in hand, you can actually begin to gather a clearer picture of your financial standpoint. This also means you can begin to take some concrete steps in determining what to do to rectify your credit. Once you have begun to do so, you can at least show this information to a leasing office manager to determine whether they will give you a second chance.

Our research also unearthed the fact that the best chances of getting approved for an apartment even with bad credit or a criminal record or a broken lease lies with looking for apartments that do not conduct routine credit and background checks. The answer here lies with privately-owned apartments or condos or rental homes. You can also search for individually owned apartments in Jacksonville FL. These are private landlords as opposed to approaching a corporation which is bound by stringent corporate laws. Privately landlords can approve without necessarily bothering with the hassle of a credit or background check.

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