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Vancouver WA No Credit Check Apartments. A great deal of apartments, rental homes, condos and town houses in Vancouver WA conduct credit and background checks before issuing an approval. This automatically means that those with damaged credit or rental history not to mention a criminal record such as a felony can expect to be denied. This places a lot of pressure for families and individuals who need to find housing quickly. These can be those that have recently come from a foreclosure, divorce or bankruptcy. But for anyone in this predicament, there are few steps they can take.

Finding Vancouver WA no credit check apartments can be a hassle especially if one does not know where to start. These types of rental units are few and far spread out although they are not non-existent. Usually as soon as they become available they are rented out. The first place to search is off course the Internet but you can also use apartment locators in Vancouver WA or the newpaper classifieds.

Approaching an apartment leasing office in Vancouver if you have damaged credit is always a gamble. This is because credit, rental history such as broken leases are a huge issue for most apartments and have elaborate systems to weed out such tenants. But this does not mean that you should not approach any leasing office. Apartments are different and so is their degree if leniency. Some will agree to lease if you have tarnished credit as long as you put down a sizeable deposit. Others will issue an approval if you do not owe more than a certain amount to previous apartments. Others will flat out deny you.

For tenants with a felony criminal record, things can get a little trickier. This is because when dealing with apartment officials, some are not paid to think beynd what they see on their screen and once their criminal record search shows a felony, it is an automatic denial. That is why in Vancouver, we recommend that you speak directly with the leasing manager as opposed to the desk clerk.

Some apartment complexes in Vancouver will still rent to you even with a felony if the crime happened a long time ago (5 years or more). Other have a policy of denying anyone with a felony that touches on drug use, sexual violence or domestic violence especially against the elderly or children.

In most cases, the answer in locating Vancouver WA no credit check apartments lies with locating what we call “second chance Vancouver apartments”. These are aparments that do not conduct credit or background checks on applicants. Some people believe that these apartments are located in the worst neighborhoods. This may or may not be true. It all depends. In many cases, these are privately-owned apartments.


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