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It is getting increasingly challenging for an applicant to be approved for an apartment in Los Angeles CA if they have bad credit, or a broken lease or even a criminal record. This is because of the recent practice of area apartment complexes to conduct routine credit, rental and background checks on all applicants seeking to enter into a lease agreement. For many, frustration can quicky turn into dispair.  If this is you, there are a few things you can do.

First, try approaching a regular apartment complex that does conduct checks. While this is risky if your credit is damaged, you can still succeed since not all apartments are the same. The stricter ones will automatically deny you if they pull your credit and it is less than satisfactory. Others are more lenient and will review applicants on a case by case basis. Sometimes if you have a healthy deposit and good income, a leasing office manager can overlook your credit and issue an approval. If you have a criminal record, some apartments will still issue an approval if the crime was committed more than 5 years ago and there are no other pending cases. But some criminal cases will earn an automatic denial in most places regardless of what you. These are felonies which involve violent sex crimes perpetrated against minors or seniors or domestic violence cases.

Another helpful route you can take is to consider privately owned apartments. These are apartments which are not owned by large corporations and are not managed by corporate real estate management firms who have access to credit and criminal background check databases. Individually owned apartments in the Los Angeles area can be the best bet if you want to rent an apartment and have been denied due to credit or criminal issues.

For criminal record, you might want to consider yet another route. This is expungment. Expunging a record means it is removed from public access and can no longer be viewed by anyone outside law enforcement. This is an excellent option. You can inquire more about whether you are eligible by contacting your local DA.


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