‘Rent an apartment in Louisville KY with a felony’

Find Louisville bad credit no credit check apartmentsFinding a rental apartment in Louisville has never been easier, with numerous well-suited apartments in many different parts of the city. But if you have bad credit or a broken lease, this might become a challenge as many of the apartments in the city have resorted to checking credit and rental history. This is achieved via checks on individual credit reports, court records and rental databases.  A solution would off course be to look for apartments that do not routinely check credit or those that are very lenient and will approve regardless of credit or rental history. These apartments, usually known as second-chances apartments, are not always easy to locate because they do not usually advertise. Let us examine a few tips you can use to locate these units in Louisville.

List of Louisville KY bad credit, broken lease or no credit check apartments

Tip 1: Determine what you need before looking

The first step is to all your needs in an apartment. What size, location, amenities, are you looking for? This may vary for every applicant and sometimes because of bad credit, you may have to sacrifice a few important aspects such as a private parking. Louisville has a list of great apartments to choose from and you shouldn’t have a problem finding something if you put some effort into searching.

Tip 2: Do proper research

The next tip is to conduct proper and diligent research. This can easily be conducted using the Internet or local classifieds and other magazines in Louisville that deal with rental property and apartment leases. Other methods include utilizing the services of an apartment locator. There are quite a number of these in Louisville and they can help you land a great deal in a good neighborhood.

Once you have located the apartment of your choice and the leasing manager indicates an interest in speaking with you, the next and last step is to prepare your paperwork. It’s important to note that even if an apartment approves you, they will require you to furnish proof of employment. They might also run a criminal background check.

Louisville KY neighborhoods with bad credit rental apartments are St Matthews, Middletown, Douglass Hills, Jeffersontown, New Albany, Georgetown, Lanesville, Prospect, River Ridge, Buckner, Shiverly, Crandall, Corydon, Galena and Pewee Valley

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