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No credit check apartments in Orlando-Kissimmee FL. Looking for apartments in Orlando-Kissimmee FL that do not routinely conduct credit or background checks? This would be ideal for individuals and families that have damaged credit especially due to foreclosures which have hit Orlando hard. Recently, the practice of checking applicant credit, rental and background history has escalated and this has caused frustration especially to families whose credit has taken a hit due to a foreclosure, a bankruptcy or due to unpaid medical bills. The solution of course has to been to seek for apartments, condos and rental homes that do not routinely check credit or those that will forego background and rental history checks. We went on an assignment to see whether we can locate no credit check apartments in Orlando-Kissimmee FL.

Many people still do not understand why apartments look at an applicant’s credit since they are not buying the place. But this practice can be explained by leasing office managers and other real estate experts. Credit checks usually look for bankruptcies, charge offs and the like. Rental history checks peruse an applicant’s past for broken leases and how long they’ve been renting while background check will seek to uncover felonies especially those that deal with drug use, domestic violence or other violent crimes against minors. But when an applicant fills out paperwork to rent an apartment, condo or town house, the leasing office manager views the entire transaction the same way a bank would view a loan application. This is because they consider the entire year’s lease amount a loan to you which you are paying on a monthly basis. But lets get back to whether you can locate no credit check apartments in Orlando-Kissimmee FL.

Many apartments that conduct credit, rental history and background checks can still rent to applicants who have less-than-perfect ratings. This however is on a case by case basis and there is no telling which apartment will consider you. It all depends on whether the leasing manager feels that you are less likely to abscond without completing your lease agreement. For credit checks, some apartments will still approve depending on what items are on your credit and how old they are. The same goes for broken leases which an apartment leasing manager can overlook if the incident occurred a while ago and the amounts are reasonable. Background checks which check for criminal records can be tricky and managers can be less willing to tolerate some issues. Again, it all depends on the signals you send to the manager and whether he or she has a good feeling about you. There is an excellent book out there that gives you a step by step path on what to do after you’ve been denied an apartment whether because of credit, rental or criminal record. You can see it here.

The best way to have a better chance at approval regardless of credit, rental or background history is to locate apartments, townhomes and condos that are owned by individuals rather than corporations. This is because individuals are less inclined to perform credit checks on applicants. As long as they have a good feel about you and you can prove adequate income, they will approve you. This also goes for distressed home owners who are having difficulty keeping up with their payments. These can sublet to you without a credit or background check. This is the best way to locate no credit check apartments in Orlando-Kissimmee FL.



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